Friday, April 03, 2015

I hate Charter part II

Well, it is time again for another anti-corporate rant, and this time the target is one of my favorite truly horrible corporate entities. . .the inappropriately named Charter Communications.

I am going to traveling for many months this summer and called Charter to find out what arrangements can be made for suspending my service so I am not spending $72 per month for something I am not using.  The answer is nothing.  Charter offers a vacation suspension for people who go away between August and January but those of us who travel seasonally during the rest of the year are screwed.  My choice is to have the service disconnected when I leave, waste my time going to their offices to physically return the two modems that operate my phone and Internet access, and then pay them $30 when I return for an "installation" charge as well as set myself up to once again have to negotiate for decent pricing of new service.

The woman who answered my call was very polite and apologized profusely for the fact that the company she works for is so incredibly messed up on this and so many other issues but there was literally nothing she was empowered to do.  She did ask me to hold on to take a survey about my satisfaction with Customer Service but, of course, being an agent for a communication company, she was unable to successfully transfer my call to the survey and she disconnected the call.  Perfect.  I hate Charter.